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About ABC-Story
Dear Publishers!
Every moment in the world, undoubtedly, published many interesting books. We create not simply interesting, but unique in their positivity (brightness, vividness) books, which give joy and a little childhood dream to everyone who reads them! Our advantages (Why we):
  • We design books (publishing) for over 12 years.
  • Children - our main critics and readers - love and enjoy reading books, which we have created.
  • Adults also can find in our books their most likely moments.
  • Our books read in one breath.
  • Our designers (painters) create designs and illustrations for each book with huge (infinite) love, again and again creating a new book unlike to another one.
We treat to the books as works of art, each of them created manually by the team of experts! We are open to cooperation and ready to offer you as ready-made (finished) children's books, and create new ones according to your wishes.
  • We have always new and interesting projects!
  • We have always creative ideas!
  • We have large experience of creating children's books
Team of ABS-Story! .
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